Black Knight Introduces SCOUT: Cloud-Based Remote Property Inspection App to Help Keep Appraisers and Homeowners Safe During Pandemic

Black Knight Introduces SCOUT: Cloud-Based Remote Property Inspection App to Help Keep Appraisers and Homeowners Safe During Pandemic
May 19, 2020

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (MO.Properties) – Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) announced the launch of its Black Knight SCOUT remote property inspection mobile app.

Black Knight SCOUT is a cloud-based application that enables remote property inspections by helping homeowners easily collect their property data, important details and photos without requiring an appraiser to enter the property. The information is then sent electronically to the appraisers, who can use their expertise to perform due diligence and analysis and deliver an appraisal using their existing desktop technology.

Appraisal management company (AMC) representatives or lenders working with AMCs don’t need a specific software or system to interface with the Black Knight SCOUT solution or to order inspections and appraisals. Once an AMC or lender orders a property inspection, an email is automatically sent to the borrower/homeowner with a link to the Black Knight SCOUT cloud-based application to facilitate the inspection and appraisal process.

Black Knight SCOUT is a flexible, intuitive property data mobile application that easily takes users through a series of questions and prompts with easy-to-follow instructions. The versatile app can be used on Apple or Android smartphones or tablets, and on average, the entire inspection process takes approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on the property.

The Black Knight SCOUT app then generates a data-rich property inspection report, which is uploaded to the portal for the appraiser to access and complete a professional assessment of the property.

To help minimize fraud and support accuracy of the information submitted, Black Knight SCOUT has built-in security measures, such as prepopulated property information, GPS location tracking with date/time stamp, direct input of photos to the application (no uploads), finger signature certification by the homeowner and more.

This innovative solution will initially be offered to AMCs as an extended trial at no charge.

“We want to help the industry during this difficult time with a solution that is easy for homeowners to use and that supports appraisers by providing the information they need to produce solid appraisals,” said Mike Sklarz, EVP, Managing Director, Black Knight Collateral Analytics.

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