Signd™ Launches as an Affordable Signing-as-a-Service E-Signature Enterprise Platform

Signd™ Launches as an Affordable Signing-as-a-Service E-Signature Enterprise Platform
April 23, 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif. (MO.Properties) – TrSoft Inc, the nation’s leading enterprise software cloud vendor, announced Signd – an affordable E-signature platform for enterprises of any size to embed electronic signatures in their internal and customer facing workflows, to rapidly originate and execute contactless deals in the cloud.

Signd is built on a robust SOC-2 enterprise grade secure architecture and been in production for many months with top real estate firms executing complex workflows with multiple documents and multiple participants; both on desktop and mobile. The breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic has mandated massive cost reduction and increased use of cloud collaboration for companies across multiple verticals to maintain contactless business continuity. Signd provides these elegant solutions at reduced cost, using powerful APIs, so companies can embed e-signatures in both desktop and mobile apps to connect transactions and participants in their customized workflow.

Signd architecture and APIs support all functions for enterprise implementations, including two factor authentication, multiple domains, multiple documents signing with multiple participants, multi lingual, sequencing workflows, team sharing, locking templates, forms creation, smart contracts with embedded payment collections, reverse transport of information from signers to sender and more.

Electronic Signatures have just scratched the surface worldwide,” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of TrSoft. “The onset of the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated needs of banking, insurance, governments and businesses of all sizes globally to adopt greater online collaboration, operational efficiencies and save cost. Signd offers all of these at reduced cost compared to any comparable platform on the market .”