RealINSIGHT Offers Two Months of Free Access for Commercial Real Estate Lenders During COVID-19 Crisis

RealINSIGHT Offers Two Months of Free Access for Commercial Real Estate Lenders During COVID-19 Crisis
April 22, 2020

BETHESDA, MD. (MO.Properties) – The right technology and cloud-based tools are essential for every company during these turbulent times. To support the CRE industry, RealINSIGHT is offering new prospects two months of free access to its leading software solution for CRE professionals.

Onboarding and U.S.-based support are included during the free 60-day access period for those interested in managing a sample of their portfolio.

“There is no better time to leverage technology to help manage your portfolio,” says James Shevlin, President & COO. “Understanding portfolio exposure to the COVID-19 outbreak in real time will allow CRE professionals to keep ahead of the situation, positioning themselves for long-term success.”

CRE professionals can work from anywhere with the following RealINSIGHT features:

Document Management & File Sharing

Secure and organized online access to documents is critical. Documents need to be made available to the right people – and only the right people. That’s where user specific permissions make it easy to allow document-by-document access to authorized users.

Real-Time Alerts & Collaboration

Remote work compounds the need for rapid collaboration. Users need to easily communicate, keeping everyone engaged as if they were in the office.

Automated Data Integration

Siloed information is an issue at the best of times and in a remote work situation can prove problematic. Seamless integrations with legacy systems and a direct Covid-19 FEMA feed allows you to manage risk in real time.

Custom Dashboards

Well-structured and intuitive dashboards are critical to CRE surveillance and asset management. RealINSIGHT puts critical business information on a single screen, dramatically improving accessibility for faster and more informed decision making.


RealINSIGHT, a software solution built by industry experts, is the only choice that commercial real estate lenders, investors, and servicers value and trust. Implemented by some of the most active lenders and largest financial service firms in the world – including its affiliate company CWCapital – RealINSIGHT provides CRE professionals with a modern cloud-based platform designed to streamline workflows and effectively manage all aspects of their debt investments. RealINSIGHT is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, with offices in Dallas, Texas, and New York. To learn more, visit the company at or follow RealINSIGHT on LinkedIn.