ResiDesk Offers FREE Real-Time Tenant Messaging During COVID-19

ResiDesk Offers FREE Real-Time Tenant Messaging During COVID-19
April 8, 2020

NEW YORK (MO.Properties) – ResiDesk is now offering its new messaging platform completely free during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help landlords, managing agents, and their residents communicate efficiently through real-time, two-way messaging. The team behind ResiDesk, who recently raised $1.1 million in their first round of funding, is also committing to 48-hour onboarding in order to provide immediate help to any real estate management team who is in urgent need of staying in close contact with their tenants.

To sign up for ResiDesk for free, visit

In a time when much of the nation is ordered to shelter-in-place, ResiDesk’s platform can help to keep tenants safe and informed. Conversations that used to take hours or days now take a few minutes, thanks to real-time, two-way updates and notifications through a few clicks of ResiDesk’s mobile or web app.

“At ResiDesk we know that staying in constant contact with tenants has never been more critical,” said Sam Nowakowski, Co-Founder of ResiDesk. “That’s why we want to help landlords, managing agents, and their tenants by offering our system completely free during this challenging time. Our fast and reliable communications platform is proving vital by enabling seamless back and forth SMS/text.”

Founded by Alex Holman and Sam Nowakowski, ResiDesk solves many familiar communication problems in the real estate management industry that often result in longer response times, lost or unread messages, unhappy tenants, and even increased vacancies. Built specifically for real estate professionals who need to communicate with hundreds of tenants every day, ResiDesk is the first-of-its-kind, real-time messaging and communications platform for property managers.

“Think of ResiDesk as Slack for property managers, but tenants see messages come through as text,” added Nowakowski.

ResiDesk acts as a powerful complementary platform to existing property management software. Utilizing modern communication and conversation intelligence, ResiDesk enables property managers to organize conversations, collaborate through a shared inbox, and answer messages faster. Now, tenant, maintenance, and vendor relationships are better organized through intuitive and collaborative workstreams that lean heavily into SMS functionality.

“Trust is now a defining quality of how landlords can work with their tenants, and real-time customer service becomes necessary,” said Alex Holman, Co-Founder of ResiDesk. “Whether it’s an announcement or an urgent conversation, our platform helps expedite information sharing easily.”

ResiDesk also plans to offer real-time messaging and communications solutions to leasing teams this quarter. Learn more at or follow the company on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates.

About ResiDesk

ResiDesk is a new communication platform for property managers and leasing teams. Current communication products for real estate operators are antiquated and clunky causing huge inefficiencies for property managers and leasing teams and bad customer service for tenants and prospective tenants. ResiDesk leans heavily into texting and leverages modern communication tools and technology to provide the fastest tools for real estate operators and the most seamless experience for tenants and leads.