REACTIV Offers Solutions For Commercial Renters And Landlords Amid A Commercial Real Estate World Changed By COVID-19

REACTIV Offers Solutions For Commercial Renters And Landlords Amid A Commercial Real Estate World Changed By COVID-19
April 8, 2020

DENVER (MO.Properties) – REACTIV, a unique, online platform listing vacant or underutilized commercial properties for rent, announces it will be providing services FREE of charge to any organizations working to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. REACTIV has also added a new resource center to support commercial tenants and landlords during these unprecedented times.

REACTIV launched at the end of 2019 to provide property and business owners solutions to reduce vacancy and add revenue while providing renters access to commercial real estate on their terms. According to Jason Shepherd, co-founder of REACTIV and Atlas Real Estate, “We anticipated our platform adding value to landlords in the next downturn but we never could have projected this coming so quickly and drastically, undoubtedly changing the commercial real estate landscape forever.”

REACTIV plans to use its network of landlords and vacant spaces to help organizations requiring space for emergency accommodations, temporary medical facilities, storage and logistics. Our goal is to help organizations with pop-up solutions and space needed to help fight the pandemic. REACTIV will also be waiving all service fees for these companies.

REACTIV’s updated website includes a comprehensive list of resources for commercial tenants and landlords. It also includes a hotline for tenants to discuss their issues and develop a plan for creative lease solutions and property sharing to optimize revenue and disperse expenses.

The onset of COVID-19 triggers a difficult and rapid reset for tenant and landlord expectations. Working together as a community, REACTIV plans to bolster creativity and collaboration to develop unique leasing scenarios to hedge against a wave of defaults, long vacancy timelines and renters who feel overwhelmed by the long-term risk tied to commercial leasing.

“In the coming years, most asset classes within commercial real estate will look drastically different,” said Jason Shepherd. “This revival will require tenants and landlords to remove self-interest and join the same team, ‘Team Occupancy.’ Working together, we can innovate and adjust to our new reality, supporting each other as our nation slowly gains recovery momentum.”

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