Novel Real Estate Investment Technique Leads To New Investment Strategy

Novel Real Estate Investment Technique Leads To New Investment Strategy
April 7, 2020

ATLANTA (MO.Properties) – Relotz is introducing an entirely new real estate model to the real estate industry in April 2020. With a proven, tested and tried approach, the Relotz team can take a chosen property from start to finish with an entirely hands-off experience on behalf of the investor regardless of their physical location.

“We refined our processes by developing an innovative approach disrupting the real estate investing industry,” says owner and founder, Charlie Hightower. “With our novel methodology, you can now take advantage of a hands-free, fix-n-flip business model that has proven to be profitable time and time again.”

Mr. Hightower has worked in the real estate industry extensively since 2018 and has seen the wealth and stability that property investment can create. He has further successfully led other business ventures within the same sector and ensured their growth and excellent profitability. This background has helped Mr. Hightower to transition to this new business venture quickly.

“We have worked tirelessly around the clock to create innovative solutions and will continue to work with investors in areas where our services are most needed,” he said.

In addition to his prior experience, Mr. Hightower has extensive experience in real estate in particular. His track record shows that his in-depth experience is second to none within the real estate process from start to finish.

Mr. Hightower combines his professional experiences in real estate and his entrepreneurial spirit to bring this new approach to the real estate market, not only in the greater Atlanta area but nationwide and across the globe.

For more information, please contact the Relotz team at 1-844-473-5689, email at, or visit the Relotz website at