House Flippers Across the Country Band Together in Charitable Coalition

House Flippers Across the Country Band Together in Charitable Coalition
March 26, 2020

WILTON, Conn. (MO.Properties) – House flipping is big business, with many companies repairing and renovating homes to sell at a higher price or rent out to tenants. However, not all companies in this industry have the best interests of their clients at heart. That is not the case with We Buy Houses in Connecticut and its coalition of other house-flipping companies.

In addition to helping homeowners get rid of their properties as quickly as possible, We Buy Houses in Connecticut and its partners are also committed to benefiting their local communities as a whole. The companies and their employees engage in community service and charitable projects throughout the country, making the areas better places to live for all who call them home.

These companies can further these charitable efforts through their partnership with each other. While this coalition initially came together as the investors in the group sought to improve their search engine rankings, through an SEO company the owner of “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” established specifically for real estate investors, what truly bonded them all together was their shared commitment to bettering their local communities.

Today, the group is made up of 66 house-flipping investors throughout the United States and Canada. Through mutual support for each other, all of these companies can grow their businesses while also improving their communities overall. The companies in this group do more than just flip houses; they work hard to improve people’s lives as well.

For example, Jerryll, the owner of We Buy Houses in Connecticut, uses its profits to conduct robotics research & development to help veterans and others with paraplegia walk again. In Southern California, Eric and Jackie Nerhood, the founders of Premier Property Buyers, contribute to autism research. After their own daughter had to undergo extensive therapy for the disorder, they felt a calling to help other local families in similar situations as well.

With so many real estate investors doing their part to make the world a better place, it makes sense for homeowners to do their due diligence before selling. It can bring peace of mind to know that the profits from the sale of the home are going to a good cause rather than simply lining investors’ pockets.