DC Creative Agency Offers Virtual Solutions for Meetings Canceled by COVID 19

DC Creative Agency Offers Virtual Solutions for Meetings Canceled by COVID 19
March 19, 2020

WASHINGTON (MO.Properties) – VIVA Creative, a leading Metro DC live events producer and creative agency, is helping companies quickly move canceled events online. VIVA became a leading producer of online and virtual events post 9/11, and again during the global financial crisis. Today, the company brings expertise in audience engagement and communication in times of restricted travel. As several brands and event organizers are canceling or postponing major meetings due to COVID-19, VIVA is offering immediate solutions. Alternatives vary from comprehensive virtual events– that the agency helped pioneer over 10 years ago — to offering streaming, webcasting, and small meeting technologies – including virtual board meetings and analyst meetings.

To quickly bring event professionals and industry experts together to collaborate in this unprecedented environment, VIVA is hosting a live virtual event Thursday, March 21 at 1 pm EST. Registration is free https://www.vivacreative.com/online_events_registration and participants include leaders from the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the National Children’s Museum, corporate and hospitality industry event professionals, as well as experts in crisis management and wellness. The Summit will be hosted by Emily Greene, VIVA’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, and will feature an interview with Richard Bendis – President & CEO, BioHealth Innovation, Inc. Mr. Bendis has provided global consulting services to over 16 countries and 22 states, as well as to several cities, regions and international organizations — including the United Nations, NATO, UK Trade and Industry and the European Commission.

VIVA has executed online events for many brands including Martha Stewart Weddings’ Luxury Expo and Marriott. VIVA has streamed events all over the world for companies like MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines, including several international public-sector, multi-lingual events — including streaming online Q&A between DC and Israel at the recent AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC. The company has also created secure online communication portals for clients, creating virtual Town Halls and marketplaces. In addition, the agency has been a pioneer in 360-degree immersive virtual experiences for travel, real estate and hospitality clients.

VIVA relies on its own in-house content studio to develop and deliver content in any format – including content specific to online and virtual events. “Meeting our clients’ engagement and communications goals is our priority,” states Ms. Greene, “Production of targeted creative content and delivering it effectively in the best format, on the right digital platform, is the key to great engagement. Our team is moving fast now, reimagining entire corporate conferences, delivering videos and building out branded online environments for clients in a fraction of the typical production schedule.”

For more information, please visit www.vivacreative.com