We Buy Homes In USA Raises $25 Million to Acquire Atlanta Properties

We Buy Homes In USA Raises $25 Million to Acquire Atlanta Properties
March 17, 2020

ATLANTA (MO.Properties) – We Buy Homes In USA (www.WeBuyHomesInUSA.com), a leading provider of affordable single-family rental homes, has just completed a $25 million fundraising round for expansion into the Atlanta area.

“We have been investing in the Southwest for over 12 years and as the market there has started to tighten up, we see tremendous opportunities for us to expand our portfolio into Atlanta, which still has very strong investment potential and a significant affordable housing need,” said Alex Hemani, CEO of We Buy Homes In USA.

Hemani, a member of the well-respected Forbes Real Estate Council, began investing in the Dallas-Ft. Worth housing market in 2006 and launched We Buy Homes In USA.com a few years later. Since then, We Buy Homes In USA, a Texas company, has expanded throughout the Southwest as it built a stellar reputation based on providing home sellers a quick, efficient, no-closing-cost, fairly valued home-selling experience. Once purchased, the homes provide affordable single-family rental housing.

We Buy Homes In USA is part of the Alex Hemani family of companies and has completed over 2,500 single-family transactions. This latest round of financing provides the fuel to continue building communities while helping home sellers and people looking for affordable rental homes.

Unlike many “buy-and-flip” alternatives that often take advantage of desperate people by offering low-ball prices and contributing to neighborhood decline, We Buy Homes In USA is strengthening families and neighborhoods while rebuilding communities by investing in single-family homes and then maintaining them as affordable single-family rentals.

“This infusion of capital allows us to offer homeowners a fair, all-cash offer, and we can usually close in less than seven days with no closing costs or real estate commissions,” Hemani added.

The $25 million raised by We Buy Homes In USA from private investors for acquisition and investments follows an $11 million liquidity loan Hemani recently obtained. This new funding will allow We Buy Homes In USA to buy up to 200 new homes, renovate them and maintain them as affordable rental housing.